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    Thanks for the Advice CJ!
    The Dash for Holiday Cash: Strategies for Enhancing Q4 Performance

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    The holiday shopping season is almost upon us! Are you ready?

    Experience has shown us that when it comes to holiday sales, early preparation equates to greater success. There are some basic steps all publishers should take to maximize their Q4 revenue opportunities. They include the following:

    Know thyself
    If you havenít done so already, it is crucial for you to understand what worked last year, and what didnít. Youíll want to build upon the positive aspects of last yearís holiday season and learn from any mistakes that may have occurred.
    Statistics and sales trends are obviously important information for you to know but consider digging deeper if you have the means to do so. Did text links perform particularly well for you or were the images associated with specific products a bigger draw? Is there feedback from visitors that you should take into account? And itís important to be honest in reflecting on the failures and successes of the past Ė everyoneís resources are limited to some degree. Focus on the areas that clearly will generate returns.

    Know thy advertisers
    Know which advertisers worked well for you last year and why. Was there a particularly hot product that a merchant featured or a category of items that most of your visitorsí purchases came from? What additional opportunities are there that you can take advantage of by harnessing this information? Perhaps there are other advertisers who offer similar merchandise but offer a higher commission rate or a greater number of return days. Q4 is also the perfect time to find specialty merchants who thrive this time of year.

    Communication is key
    If you are not regularly communicating with your top advertisers, get in touch with them now while theyíre making their own preparations. If you wait too long, you may find that the exclusive coupons or special offers that can make a significant difference in your holiday revenue have already been given out to more proactive publishers.
    When you call advertisers asking for special offers, be prepared to tell them what you can bring to the table. Your past performance can provide a strong incentive for advertisers to work with you. If your previous results with an advertiser arenít quite so impressive, let them know what youíve learned from experience and what changes youíve implemented to improve performance.
    In addition to the latest and greatest deals, advertisers can also offer you invaluable information. Program managers that are on the ball have their own merchandising plans and their own research on products that are most likely to perform.

    Keep an eye out for additional advice coming in the next few weeks to help increase your programís success this Holiday season!


    Couldn't do it without ya!

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    I nearly busted a gut when I read "Communication is key".

    CJ needs to take a dose of their own medicine...

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    Actually not too long ago CJ was offering the best advice in town, all wrapped up in one four-syllable word: DIVERSIFY.

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