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    Smile FTP Access for Datafeed Suggestion
    I was just wondering since SAS allows for auto-approving affiliates/publishers, would you consider setting up a service to auto-approve FTP access for datafeeds? Also, I setup auto-deposit for and since I'm running a campaign in Revenue and the Featured Program of the week, my balance has dropped below $100 since I've been approving FTP access to all new affiliates/publishers and there has been no auto-deposit. Now I know most merchants like to review all or atleast the majority of their affiliates and that not every affiliate is familiar with datafeeds so there is really no reason to grant everyone access for every merchant, but it's only $1 USD. - the industry is evolving and I feel within the end of next year (2006), we will see many more affiliates of all levels implimenting datafeeds and not just creatives as they can provide live updates of products depending on how they are setup. I know there is an up and downside to every thing so any input from SAS would be helpful.


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    Good one, William!!

    Addition to your suggestion: if we (merchants that want to do this) ever get an auto-approving option, it'd be good to have a possibility of sending out an automatic e-mail (text must have an option of editing) to those affiliates that applied for FTP access and got it.


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    Affiliate Manager: A different perspective
    Here is a quote from share-a-sale:
    We are hoping that this very nominal charge will ensure that Merchants are giving this powerful tool to the affiliates that can use it to its best advantage, and not just to all of their affiliates, etc...
    I believe that affiliates who show they want FTP access will take that extra step or initiative to apply........Othewise many will just sign up on a whim, and may never implement those datafeeds. It is true that $1 is not a big expense, but I am not interested in just giving away $1 when someone signs up for FTP on a whim.

    However, I personally have not denied anyone FTP access when a request has been put forth. I usually approve within 12 hours, but no later than 24 hours. An added benefit to this is that it keeps the affiliate manager in tuned with his/her affiliate program when they have to manually approve for FTP.

    I believe Shareasale has it right on this one.

    Richard Lupu
    ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons

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