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    Question Merchant Min Thresholds?
    From a recent program at CJ I joined I recieved this:

    7.5% commission for each sale of SOCCER.COM and/or LACROSSE.COM products
    Monthly commission checks for all commissions over $25 USD.

    Note: Commissions will be rolled to next month until the $25 threshold is achieved and all commissions will be adjusted based on cancelled or returned orders.

    This really defeats a lot of the purpose of CONSOLIDATED payments. Is this new or have I not noticed this with others?

    One of the reasons I am with CJ is the lack of individual min merchant thresholds.
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    Some merchants say that, but it's meaningless--ie, the payments are still consolidated and the threshhold is still network-wide, not by merchant. Or, at least, I didn't see anything changing that in the New CJ PSA.

    It's more like those merchants seem to think they're the only one their affiliate signed up for, or they're just lazy and don't want to explain how payment consolidation works...
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