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    Angry Merchants Still Not Showing Sales
    I am fed up with the BS, I check the reports from some of the merchants from SAS, I call, and send messages,i had sales for them, I have copies of the print outs, I have over 400 clicks this month alone, for the Irish elegance shop, located in Long Island, NY now they show low funds, that's not my fault.Since I have made many trios to Ireland, I have seen the quality,handmade craftmanship, but if these people don't post the sales, then it's good by Charlie, i can dump them, and avertise others,with just as good or better, Gueness has a program,on a small program.
    Do we get help from the biggies at SAS or not? Please no more message about what we are going to do, time is short, now,holidays are now,forget the other crap.Flag mew if you ish, i can match every merchant with another,and don't need 200 to 300 merchants, or hundreds of websites,I grew up in retailing, and have 2 degrees,and only my age working against me, but I am not senile.Don't Pm me, my junk mail folders are full
    A very PO'd
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    Well; not to benefit from another programs misfortune BUT if your looking for another Celtic Jewelry program check us out at

    I am always available to help you and the program is run by AMWSO.


    PLus first time bonus for new affiliates :-)
    Affiliate Marketing Manager AMWSO
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