On October 7, I sent in a report about Event reports generating error messages. I gave them specific information. It took them 4 Goddamned days to get around to sending me a response that says "I just ran some reports on your account, and I did not receive the error message. Please try again, and we apologize for any inconvenience."

I just went in and ran the report again and got the same error message.

I swear that every blasted time I report a problem OF ANY KIND to CJ support, it takes 4-6 days to get any response, and that response is always "No problems. Can't suplicate it. Must be your imagination."

Why. Do. I. Even. ****ing. Try?

Do the CJ support members even READ the damned questions, or do they simply hit a button for "Canned Reply #74"????

How these incompetent bastards can stay in business is unfathomable.