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    Funny title for today's email, considering they say within it:

    While you need information about your advertisers and program, you also told us that it could be too much of a good thing. We listened. Commission Reports no longer contain financial transactions such as deposits, payments or account adjustments. The new reports now aggregate commissions by event date (the date which the transaction occurred). This greatly reduces the number of transactions in the reports and allows publishers to quickly get commission data and assist in forecasting. No more wading through minutiae - we want to get you the important information in the quickest way possible.

    I actually liked running a single report for the day, and seeing each transaction, including ones in red that shows reversals and CJ checks being cut - two very important things! Now I have to run all sorts of reports to get the same info.

    Please note, all sale, lead, bonus and performance incentive transactions that were locked prior to August 11, 2005 will continue to reside in the transaction reports system as individual, not aggregated transactions

    Yay - that's an improvement!

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    I'd like to know which affiliates complained to CJ that deposits, payments, and account adjustments were clogging up the reports. BULLSHOOT! Too much of a good thing? All they did was make it easier for merchants to HIDE REVERSALS and ADJUSTMENTS - no doubt in preparation for the new PSA!

    What spin! It means nothing. Actions speak louder than words, and with this new PSA AFFILIATES HAVE NO RIGHTS.


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