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    20 seconds for redirection
    Today i did a test click on one of my CJ link, and it took 20 seconds for redirection, it redirected to 3 or 4 domains before going to merchant's site. While browsing, if a website does not respond for more thn 10 seconds I quit, and I am sure we are loosing lot of sales due to this delay.

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    I've noticed -some- cj links are taking longer and longer to redirect. With some redirecting more than twice. Probably losing some impatient (or paranoid) shoppers.

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    CJ links taking 20 seconds or so to redirect is really old news. Years old.

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    If you try clicking the link again and it happens a lot quicker, this indicates that the time delay is due to slow DNS look-up's at your end (maybe your ISP's DNS service is overloaded). Doing that will narrow down where the problem is.

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