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    January 18th, 2005
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    Glitch in reporting
    This must be one of those days when they are locking sales or something as my report screen has an error on it. Perhaps it will be correct tomorrow.

    I'm looking at the "Publisher Home Commission Summary Commission Detail " page and at the top it says "Commission Detail Report by Event Date for Event Date from 12-Sep-2005 to 12-Oct-2005", yet it is showing sales and totals for a period much shorter than that, probably just this month.

    Yep, I just scrolled through all the pages of the report and it only goes back to Oct. 1, even though the header at the top says Sept. 12 - Oct. 12.
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    I'm having one of those weird sales/reporting days. Last 2 days were my best last month and a half. Today had one sale with an event date before noon then 6 show up in the 12 o clock hour in a 26 minute time span.

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    U wish U knew
    I still can't figure out their reports. I can do my daily one, but I don't understand how to correctly run most of the others.

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