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    Hi all,

    I don't know if you've already seen this one, but I read it in today's newspaper. At the bottom is a link to the article.

    Suffolk Superior Court Judge D. Lloyd MacDonald has slapped an "Internet spam gang" with $37 million in penalties for running dozens of illegal sites peddling counterfeit drugs, pirated software and pornography, phony mortgage loans and fake designer watches.

    The spammers – who apparently once operated out of Massachusetts – are on the lam and perhaps in another country, so it's unlikely that any of the judgement will ever be paid. Still, Attorney General Tom Reilly declared a victory over the spammers.

    The group – which sent millions of e-mails in the hopes of sending people to web sites selling fake items – was headed by Leo Kuvayev, who apparently once lived in Newton Mass.

    A default judgment against the spammers was entered, since they had taken off and not responded to the suit, and the judge ordered their sites to remain permanently shut and issued $37 million in penalties.

    AG Reilly's office worked with Microsoft Corp. to identify the sites and spam e-mail operations

    Ken MacKenzie
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    Gordo will hunt them down in Canada if the bounty is 10% of the fine.
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