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    Lost Check...What should I do?
    Hi Everybody!

    I am asking here since the CJ support would probably take a week..

    I still haven't received the check that was sent on the 19th of September.
    What should I do?

    Should I contact travelex directly? Am I required to wait for X days before they can do anyting?



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    Request reissue your check.
    Price - $20

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    cornerbob, I guess you are from overseas. I have also not receive my sept check and this is my fourth lost checks. I am not sure why this happen to me for cj checks only.

    Login to your account and go to contact us, open a question and pose your problem. Identify the check #, the amount and the date sent. These are shown in the payment details.

    They will reply and let you know that they can stop check and reissue a new check, but that will cost you $25. You have to reply to state your agreeing and they will proceed.

    They reply quite fast, I submit my question and they reply within 48 hours although they stated 72 hours (weekdays).

    My previous three lost checks were reiisued to me and the round time is approx between two weeks to four.

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