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    What happens to Overtures keyword tools now that Yahoo ownz them?
    A lot of people recommend using overtures keyword research tools as a first step toward planning a campaign, and they seem pretty neat to work with.

    Has anyone heard anything about how yahoos aquisition of overture will affect these tools? Does anyone have other recommendations of free keyword research tools to use while I save my pennies for wordtracker?

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    You can still use the overture keyword tools at

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    Mind you, I never trusted those tools with Overture. I certainly don't trust them with Yahoo.
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    The Overture Keyword Suggestion tool is still useful, but should be taken with a liberal dose of salt as it does have some faults, some of which are:-

    1) Plurals a generally singularised. So, for example, searches for DESKS returns results for DESK only, being a combination of figures for both DESK and DESKS. Hence it is difficult to guage who many people are searching for only one desk or two.

    2) Some results are spell-checked and combined with correct spelling, but not always.

    3) Some results are grammartised and combined. For example, a search for DESK TOP will return results for DESKTOP only.

    3) Some results are alphabetised and combined. So, for example, a search for WHITE CAT can include results for CAT DEAF WHITE, an unlikely search phrase, although this is not so prevelant recently.

    and so on.

    It depends on how much "fixing" they do to the database each month.
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    Agree with Woz.
    It's an okay 'rough guide'.
    Some of my be$t referrals come from terms that never show up on that keyword tool though...

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