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    the value of articles?
    As a part of trying to get my site up and running I have been writing some articles and getting some nice feed back. Allready have a few sites who have posted them and have submitted them to a couple of ezines with a number of reads, though not too many click throughs.

    Now I also have these articles on my website as these are of course a part of my content. When contacting a fellow site owner if he was interested one of my articles for his site (he advertised on his site that he was looking for articles) , he replied saying he loved the articles but that it would hurt both of our SEO by having duplicate articles on our sites.

    Now is this true, does it aply to ezines as well and if yes to either/both then what is my best call? keep the articles on my site to boost content or submit them around hoping to get more links to me as well as to help my ranking?

    Also what are the best sites to submit articles to?


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    Keep your articles on your site/blog and then submit to

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    Here is another one/hundred for you and everyone. It's a new service that is by donation currently and was born out of SEOchat's forum

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    I really dont see how it would hurt your seo beacuse you have a duplicate article. A whole duplicate sight maybe but not just one article. The best place I can say to submit it to is I have submitted a few there and have got major exposure. They dont allow links in your articles but you can just put them in your bio. Another good way is to send the article out through your list. If you dont have one go here
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    . Just send your atricle out to your list and tell them if they would like to recieve similar mailings to join your newsletter.

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