Anyone here using the alexa web services (new version, 1.0, just came out on the 10th) having any issues with their authorization/signature process? I have stepped through everything and it still seems to be uncooperative. Details:

My CC info is valid and current and I have signed up as I have an access key ID as well as a secret key (AND an old SubscriptionId) -- no combination of them work.

Maybe some of this might help you help me:

* as far as code, i am using java and i am computing the hmac as per the example code provided by the api documentation. i am also computing the correct time and formatting it correctly by way of the xml schema dateTime format, in the UTC timezone. i am base64 encoding the computed hmac, and i've tried two different base64 encoders (and verified against the php base64 encoding) to make sure it was not broken.

* Here is an example of a string I am sending as data to compute the hmac:


* here is an example url i create:

* and here is the response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><WebSearchResponse xmlns=""><OperationRequest><RequestId>13JB57AXQ3TDQWBT1MPW</RequestId><Errors><Error><Code>AWS.NotAuthorized</Code><Message>The identity contained in the request is not authorized to use this subscription id.</Message></Error></Errors></OperationRequest></WebSearchResponse>

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help,