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    Angry Irv's Luggage: Do You Think This is Fair?
    In September, I promoted Irv's Luggage via PPC on Google using as the display URL. In mid-September, the affiliate manager contacted me informing me that this was against their policy and that I needed to take the ads down. Within a matter of hours, I removed the ads.

    Just recently, I noticed that all my transactions for September had been reversed. I asked why and they said that I had violated their affiliate rules and, thus, the reversals were justified.

    Here are some facts:

    * Irv's Advertiser Detail page contains no reference to any restrictions related to search/keywords.

    * The only mention of this restriction is within Irv's Keyword Link.

    * I cannot locate any e-mail mentioning this policy.

    Please respond with your thoughts on this matter.

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    "What is Google's affiliate advertising policy?

    We allow affiliates to use AdWords advertising. Please note that we'll only display one ad per search query for advertisers sharing the same top-level domain in the Display URL. This means that if you're an affiliate advertiser, your ad may not show for a query because another affiliate or the website that runs the affiliate program also has ads using the same (or a similar) domain in the Display URL. Also, your site should not mirror (be similar or nearly identical in appearance to) your parent company's or another advertiser's site."

    adwords policy

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    I think it is pretty clear in their keyword link that this is not allowed. They even say that they will reverse the commissions.

    I do not think that this is Irv's trying to pull a "Gotcha".

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    The keyword link is there to help address issues like this and they have theirs pretty clearly stated.

    What you have to ask yourself is....what about the advertisers that don't have a keyword link defined.

    I hope that you only had a few clicks on that ad.

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    Advertiser should mention "Do not bid our brand names" on Advertiser Details page. Though I don't care about it, because I don't do PPC. I love free traffic ...
    All of the merchants says do not bid on our brand name, so you can't use their brand name as keyword for PPC, but what if your website get ranking above on Search Engine for the same brand name.
    For 2 merchants I rank above them in Search Engine when typing in their site name, and EPC is above $100 , those merchants don't seem to have any problem yet.

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    those merchants don't seem to have any problem yet.
    Having worked for a merchant at one point in time, I would be willing to bet that they don't even realize that you outrank them. Many merchants are about 3-4 years behind on the Search Engine front and they may not even have anyone in thier ecomm department who checks their organic results for ranking, even on their brand name.

    I think if more affiliates knew how clueless many merchants are, there would be more successful affiliates

    As far as the PPC brand name thing goes, I would be willing to bet that it was in their affiliate agreement. You agreed to it, you said you read it (even if you didn't) so you are bound by it. They technically don't have to state it anywhere else but there.

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