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    In a tiered structure, how are commissions calculated normally?
    Lets say that a merchant has the following tiered commission structure: 0-1000: 10% comm., 1001-5000: 15% comm., 5001-10000: 20% comm., and 10001 and up: 25% comm.

    Lets say an affiliate had $7,000 in sales. Now how is the commission calculated? There can be two methods:

    1. The commission is calculated as 10% for the first 1000 ($100), 15% for the next 4000 ($600), and 20% for the next 2000 ($400). So total commission = $1100

    2. Since 7000 falls in the 5001-10000 tier, the affiliate gets 20% of entire 7000. So total commission = $1400.

    So which method is generally followed by the merchants and the networks?


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    I would believe it's the latter, as the whole point is in the remuneration of better activity.

    I'd be interested in what others have to say too.


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    I think it all depends on the merchant. If a merchant comes from an accounting background, they'll do it the first way :-( We recommend the latter to our merchants out of fairness to the affiliate.
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    You need to read the Terms of Service -- both ways are used. While the second method pays more up front to the Associate it restricts the flexibility of merchants. If you expect to be a making big sales you are more likely to get special terms from a merchant running the first method.

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    Hi nish,

    Usually merchants opt for giving affiliates the full specified percentage when they pass the threshold.

    I have rarely heard of breaking it up. It is a reporting nightmare and doesn't add much incentive.

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    I have only worked with the second way you specified, but different merchants do things differently.

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    I too have been seeing both the methods being used and thats why was wondering what might make more sense.


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