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    A new shark in the water

    I just heard from an old colleague who is now heading up a new outfit. I expect them to be a major problem for us.

    Thanks iGive for any organization willing to pay to have a mall branded for them. Rotary clubs, churchs, lodges, schools, fraternities, etc.

    Be careful out there.

    There's a reason army's wear uniforms even though it makes them easier to spot. Sometimes that's what you want. Uniforms suggest organization, power, and numbers. These, in turn, inspire fear. And, as any good operative knows, there is no more effective weapon than fear.

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    You're right, it's a crook running that cie: David L. Andre, President and CEO
    His past is talking for him.
    "David was formerly founding CTO of Upromise, the largest consumer loyalty program in the US. At Upromise, David was responsible for technology platform as well as ongoing business, technology, and partner operations. David developed and implemented the business model for Upromise Online Shopping, one of the internet’s most successful online ecommerce sites."
    And, if you look at their partners, that's are mosly crook loving merchants.
    Nice association.

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    What a pathetic bunch of ecommerce hubris operated by the immoral, unethical, greed driven liberals from Ted Kennedy's home state. The Air America of affiliate marketing mating those who exploit the "feel good" cause marketing with the loyality club incentive marketers using BHO theftware to glue them together. Their lame website gives minimal information on their ebiz plan so they can use telemarketing and e-mail to entice suckers into paying fees to operate Template Cybermalls...

    How inventive can this MLM Mall Ponzi scheme be after taking the dismal failures of Vstores, SkyMalls, and the 2 recent FTC closed down turnkey Mall operations... with 14 Million in punitive damage fines hanging over those con-men operators. You can bet this is MLM based, with inflated earning potentials. The difference being hyped as some TopMoxie type BHO guaranteeing Mall operators a forced cookie cannon on every popup. Shame on Overstock being first in line to adopt something entirely against their own Club-O loyality program and endorsing yet another BHO popup incentive affiliate.

    If it was legit they'd publish their commission rake and setup/hosting fees. Guess that is determined by the stupidity and nieveness of their next loyality/cause sales pitch victim. Your correct in pointing out every Adwhore run merchant operation has this one on auto-approve. You can also bet they'll use every shanky method of BHO infestation routines to make sure they have a huge percentage of orphaned members scratching their butts trying to figure out where they acquired the infernal cookie setting popups.
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    "affinity", "loyalty", "solution",
    more buzzwords meaning 'watch out for us- we dont want you to know what we do'

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    the immoral, unethical, greed driven liberals from Ted Kennedy's home state
    Considering what's going on in Washington right now, you "conservatives" don't have any room to talk...

    I think this still boils down to one fact: as affiliates, we have an agreement with merchants that we will be paid for all sales initiated on our sites. If our cookie was the last one clicked on, we should get the commission.

    Merchants cannot circumvent that commission and give it to another affiliate (Upromise, etc.) just because they've made that deal with them. By accepting these loyalty affiliates, I would think they are agreeing to pay TWO commissions - one to the original referring affiliate, another to the pop-up scum who overwrote the original cookie.


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