for over 6 years I have been placing ads online, and last year wasn't so bad.Since I am 73 now, I can't get a job, and still have some medical conditions left over from the Korean War.right after I joined ABW 4 or more years ago, there were several memebrs that had a service to check websites,Since I have a lot of traffic, and hardly any sales, and the cost of living is zooming, I wonder if anyone still does this.I have 4 sites,when my computer repair service,the only one in the area,lost my Google,FTP,and 34 other search programs, all I paid for, and am have a hard time reading the instructions for ad sence, my vision is one of the conditions.My email address is I don't think giving that out is breaking any rules.I need the help, I don't want to earn a lot, or my Social security would be affected.