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    Page Duplication
    I have been told that SE's penalize for duplication of pages. I have also been told that if you change the colors of background and text (at a minimum) then you won't be penalized for the "duplication". Is this true?

    Also, depending upon the answer to the above.....what about target it ok to use them on more than one site exactly as they are?

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    Well think about it from a customer's point of view. Do you think they'll like finding the same information on two different sites because the background color is different? I doubt it. They want unique information that they can't find anywhere else. If you try to trick the search engines it's just going to come back and bite you every single time. Spend your time doing something productive like helping customers find what they want.

    - Scott
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    point taken. thanks

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    I have also been told that if you change the colors of background and text (at a minimum) then you won't be penalized for the "duplication". Is this true?
    Nope, it usually has to be more different. It may ride for a while, but eventually G'll run the Big Dupe Filter (which doesn't seem to kick in for every update) and with just a slight cosmetic change it will still catch it.

    I've found that a certain amount of sites will be as effective as each other, when the text has only slight variances. No dropoff effect. But, after the magic number (which you get to discover for yourself), you'll start to cannibalize your own sales.

    That number is higher than the SEs' tolerance for duplication, which currently seems to be running at just 2 dupes, currently. That's less than half the number at which results dropoff would occur, if The Algo was 100% cracked.

    As for customers finding the same info on all the sites, I doubt that many regular searchers really do find all the sites. A combination of things works to keep that from happening, from human psychology (some people are more attracted to different ranks than others...they don't click all possible listings) to algos.

    The ones who don't buy from the first pitch they see, well, SOL for them if they see it a few more times...that's what they get for not buying the first time I told them to

    Seriously, unless you score a SERP Panel, the chances of the searchers seeing your stuff more than once is probably minimal.

    As for them "wanting" info they can't find anywhere else--I strongly disagree! They WANT whatever they want to find, to be findable EVERYWHERE! Piled at their feet like gifts! Of course, that's contrary to the objectives of everyone else, from retailers to search engines themselves. Everybody on the providing end, wants a monopoly on the sought-after item or the needed information.

    Monopolies are King--but NOT because people "want" them. Far from it. They're king because if a site has a monopoly, the people have no choice but to use it...

    There's more than one way to get a monopoly or near-monopoly, but none of them seem to stay very easy for long.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    thanks. alot of good info there.

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