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    Looking for simple solution to track affiliates
    I am a merchant (one web site selling 2 products) interested in starting a very limited affiliate program. I would simply like to assign a unique identifier to each affiliate's link (I currently have 2) and extract and print that identifer on any invoices generated from buyers coming in through their external links. Commission payments will be handled externally. I currently host my eshop on I have been spending hours researching affiliate implementation mechanisms and have come to the conclusion that what I need is a few simple lines of code. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track and where I can go to find an implementation for what I want to do???

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    Thanks! One more thing...
    Thank you for the referral, I found the code I needed to extract an affiliate ID from a cookie and print the extracted information on my invoices ! I have this all set up on my website. Now I am struggling to figure out how to set a cookie containing the affiliate ID in the hyperlink on my affiliate's pages. I imagine this is probably pretty easy, but you know us Newbies -

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