Mind you, I sit where I sit.
I found ABW while researching a better means of monetizing my virtual real estate and wishing/beginning to utilize CJ.
I am not rich by no means yet I have lived/see the bigger potential.
CJ is on a couple of my domains and they will stay while I figure out what better to do with them. I hope they pan out but who knows ... and it is not wise to put all the eggs in one basket.
I respect Todd for even coming here ... but things are, at the least, a bit spooky. Dang it, if you want us to post a privacy policy, PROVIDE it! This is not you ... but them.
I have seen a lot of interest in affiliates wanting merchants to offer an alternative program via SAS. I have seen some do this but most others hesitate ( perhaps due to fear, perhaps to monetary constraints?).
So here is my proposal ( perhaps another will follow suit to match) ....
Start a survey of the top performing merchants that only currently have an offering at CJ. SAS contact me for a check and verify the funds. I'll cover $200 per "popularly voted" top 5 merchants to set up an alternative account.
$1k to help offset 5 new SAS merchants that currently only offer CJ .... as dictated by ABW members votes.
Bounty hunting? Outside the box enough? Enough of the griping/worrying ... let's do something REAL! No questions/gripes/complaints .... let's move towards solutions and stir things up a bit.