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    Commissions not credited.
    I recently joined a program on Shareasale and made 6 sales. Sales showed up in the activity report but no commissions showed in my account balance.

    I contacted the merchant and they said the problem was with Shareasale, I contacted Shareasale and they said it was the merchants fault. So it goes back and forth and still no commission credited. By the way the merchant is showing low funds.

    Is Shareasale a bit of a joke?


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    I see this happen with merchants on SAS who do extend payment. The commissions
    show up after 30 days.
    No, Shareasale is not a joke. It is about the only network right now that's not a joke. The merchant you are working with extends payment, probably due to a return policy. I use a merchant who does that, costumeman.

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    No Shareasale, no joke.

    Contact the merchant again, most probably what UncleScooter said.

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    There are a couple of merchants such as costume merchants who carry only the items that they think they need to see them through certain times of year so that they don't get stuck with a lot of left over inventory. They generally credit the sales once a month after they have filled and shipped the order.

    There are rare times when seasonal merchants just cannot fill the order. We usually know this when we decide to use that merchant. But, trust me, I would rather lose a few orders that they cannot fill or have a few returned items, which is very rare, than not have the merchant at all.

    Basically, it just means the sale isn't completed just because an item was ordered. It takes both a buyer wanting something and a seller having something to make a sale.

    Look in activity details and see if it is extended. If it is, you will be credited in your balance later.

    SAS is very reliable. You will like them once you get used to how things are done. It is hard, sometimes, when you are used to seeing things a certain way and you have a new system to get used to.

    You probably got those conflicting e-mails because they didn't get the question. They forget how things look to new people because they are too close to it.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I will wait and see if I get paid.



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    I was just coming here to post a very similar thing! I made a purchase through my merchant and I have received the item. No Credit. E-mailed them and they said they had just corrected the problem and from here on sales will track. offer to credit my purchase? Do I make another purchase to see if they are right? Any advice or suggestion? I really like their products and would like to work things out.

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