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    Tracking Problem at
    Todd, here's one you might want to have your compliance department look at...

    I just placed a test order at When I do a test order, I always view the source of the confirmation pages to make sure the tracking pixel is there.

    After I got through checkout, I looked and there was no tracking pixel. The page was an "upsell" page. The order was complete (according to the page), but there was no tracking yet. I clicked the "No Thanks" link for the upsell and found the tracking pixel on that page.

    If a customer closes the browser on the upsell page (or possibly even if they take advantage of the upsell), this will not track, yet the order has been completed.

    I'm sure a fairly large percent of customers don't click that "No Thanks" link.

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    And they are now owned by ValueClick. Hmmm.

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    Some of you may not remember, but 123inkjets used to have a forum at ABW. The big cheese over there was fairly active at ABW during this time. ABW members put the pressure on him to dump the parasites from his program, and he did so but begged ABW members to really promote 123inkjets big time - to make up for basically doing the right thing.

    A couple of weeks after this major PR stunt on 123inkjets part, they very quietly allowed the parasites back in! WHAT A SCUMBAG!!

    I dropped them at that very moment, and never looked back.

    I won't quote Bush on this, but "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    So, I'm not really surprised to see there are problems. If you allow weeds to grow, you'll almost always have weeds in with the daisies.


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    - And they are now owned by ValueClick. Hmmm.

    So, If an ink merchant wants me to manage their program on cj, what should I tell them?

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    I remember this well....

    There is an option at ABW for an ink merchant ...

    And no, we don't allow parasites in bed with us....
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