Dear Affiliates,

We would like to inform you of some recent changes with the
Affiliate Program. Many of you have been working with Andy Rodriguez of
ARC Consulting since September of 2004 when first outsourced
the management of the program. Management has recently decided to bring
the program back in-house and I, Cynthia Nelson, along with Technical
Lead, Ashok Modi, will be your Dedicated Affiliate Management Team.

We are very excited about the upcoming Holiday Season and assure all of
our Affiliates the best in tools and promotions to help you make Q4 2005
a record breaking year with

I will be in touch later today with brand new promotions and some
exciting new tools to help gear up for the holiday shopping season!

Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at
any time. I look forward to working with everyone on an individual
basis to help make a premiere merchant within your program.

We would like to thank Andy and ARC for their hard work. And always, we
would like to thank the Affiliate Community for their
dedication and efforts. We look forward to continued success and and a
very successful holiday season and beyond.

Thanks and I'll be in touch soon!

Cynthia Nelson
Affiliate Program Manager

Ashok Modi
Affiliate Program Technical Lead