I downloaded yahoo messenger a couple weeks ago.

All of a sudden I'm being redirected to a yahoo search page when I type addies in the bar. What the heck is going on with that?

I deleted yahoo messenger and the redirects are still here. I assume the mess...er left some junk in my computer that is causing my browser to go to yahoo search instead of the addy I want. When I land on a yahoo search page there is a link to the addy I had typed in the addy bar. I've found that I can't get to many pages unless I click the link from yahoo. Every time I type the addy in the bar, it takes me right back to yahoo search like I'm caught in a unending circle. the only way to escape the yahoo carousel is to click the yahoo search link to the page. It's starting to p*ss me off to no end. I will avoid yahoo like the plague in the future, but in the meantime... Does anyone know how I can get the redirect crap out of my computer?

FYI, I've never used yahoo search before so I'm fairly sure that this was caused by the download.

Usually I wipe my computer and reload to factory specs when this sh*t happens, but it takes a couple of days to get my settings all back the way I like them so I'd like to just get rid of the crap and leave my other files alone if I can.