Hello all,

We are open as of today and back in full swing.

Hurricane Wilma has caused some wide catastrophic damage to sections of our community but we have been blessed and only suffered minor roof, tree and fence damages.

Having been through Andrew in 92", I was well prepared and we only suffered minor inconveniences like cold showers for a few days. Nothing major. We had generator power with enough gasoline for 7 days, plenty of ice, food and water for us and to share.

Most of the stuff you are seing in the news, water and ice line, gas lines and traffiic stems from unfortunately people that were not prepared and ignored 5 day warnings that a major storm was heading this way.

People that did loose their homes, roofs and were flooded are also in the lines but thoise are the ones that really have to be there.

Give us a few days to dig out from emails and take care of any urgent matters and we will be 100% operational by Monday, October 31, 2005.

AMC Seminar Update:

We have requested room and availabilty information from the Intercontinental and are waiting on their reply. We understand they did suffer some damage and do not know the status of the hotel. It is on the water and the outside is all windows.

We are looking at other venues in the area, mainly southern Dade County that suffered minimal damage. I have also asked Mike to look into Orlando as a venue, maybe turn it into a family/buss event....

We are looking at all options, and will notify all by email as well when we get a definite answer. We will be making the decision by Friday, November 4, 2005.

Thank you all for your good wishes, emails and phone calls. it was appreciated...