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    AE - Is there a list of Item Attributes for use in templates
    Am looking for a list of item attributes as used in the format details templates in AE. I can find some of them in the details template examples but not all. eg - details.authors, details.product name etc.
    I am building specific templates for Books and DVD's and Electronics items but I can't find all of the attributes. Some that I can't locate are for books - the attribute for Number of Pages and Size of the Book.
    Is there anywhere that I can find a full listing of these attributes?

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    Go to and scroll down to {details.FIELDNAME}

    To see what XML data provides for a book, view a book via then add &data (or add /data if you're using mod_rewrite) and you'll see the raw XML data. From that you can determine the names, e.g.: field <ourprice> would be {details.ourprice}

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    per: David Cusimano

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