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    Angry Deactivated, Reactivated, without a word

    Yesterday the helpful "Invalid Clicks" report at CJ showed hundreds of invalid clicks for one of our top merchants. Aside from the generic email telling us to check the Deactivated Advertisers report, we had no notice of this.

    We hurriedly changed a lot of things, so that the clicks would no longer we wasted on this merchant. The plan was to track down the AM today and ask what happened...

    ...Well, all those invalid clicks have now disappeared from the report, and the merchant has been re-activated. And not a word from either the merchant or CJ.

    C'mon CJ, how about some communication and service??


    ps I would still LOVE a re-activated report, so that when previously lucrative merchants are re-activated I can find out easily
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    Quote Originally Posted by enginez

    C'mon CJ, how about some communication and service??
    What? You don't feel serviced?

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