Are there are aussies or Kiwis out there?
VMdirect offers one of the most brilliant business opportunities in Network Marketing with unique products for a virtually untouched new market place.

On Tuesday November 1st 2005 VMdirect will begin pre registering for its home base business opportunity in Australia and New Zealand in which affiliates offer helloworld advanced streaming video services and products to consumers and small to mid-size businesses. During this period entrepreneurs will be able to reserve their position, giving them a head start on building their businesses before the January 2006 launch.

Why is pre enrollment important? It is an important time because it gives people the opportunity to jumpstart their businesses and quantifying success.

VMdirect boast the the world's first fully integrated streaming video email, instant video chat and a webcasting product. These products are only available through Vmdirect affiliates.

What are these products?

helloMail- a email client with streaming video options that allow users to create or reply with text or video emails.

helloIM- Instread of typing, one can send crisp clear fluid streaming video, giving users the ability to see talk and hear each other as if they were face to face.

helloLIVE- The first easy to use live web casting tool. It allows one user to broadcast to 1000 simultaneous viewers.

Steps to become a VMdirect affiliate(Australia and New Zealand)
Look out for the Australian and New Zealand flags HERE click on one of flags and click on Sign Up Now. You will be instructed on registering for the Holding Tank. After signing up, you will receive a VMdirect website a helloWorld website, and a myAdmin training center. These tools will allow you to track the growth of your organizations using the Organization and Gene Tree Reports.

If you are living in Australia or New Zealand I suggest you try out this business, you have nothing to lose, the websites are FREE during the pre enrollment period. Do you have friends, family or business associates "down under", you need to tell them about this great opportunity or even have them in your team.

Pm or email if you have any questions.