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    One Travel
    Anyone still with OneTravel?

    Their stock (OTV) appears to be tanking at the moment. I would hate to see less competition in the travel business, the margins are already too low.

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    They certainly do not provide the best travel service maybe that is one of the reason. Bought two "first class" tickets on Air France to Paris from them. When I went to the airport they told me they were "class alize" seats which is premium coach. I had to pay $1000 to upgrade to business class.

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    TotalCallGroup, please check the dates on the threads you are replying too... you are bringing up old, out of date information and threads about things that may not be relevant any longer. Sometimes an old thread bears reviving, but one like this is pretty irrelevant.
    Deborah Carney

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    Please dont punish me for answering this old thread - but OneTravel went into BANKRUPTCY!

    First they went into Chapter 11 (reorganization), but last month I received a letter from their attorney that they were changing to Chaper 7 (liquidation).

    I removed OneTravel's links last year. If anyone else is not aware, you should remove/change links immediately.

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