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    Newbie Question
    Got a newbie question for all you vets out there. For merchants I use mostly LinkShare, CJ, and Performics. If I was going to give a gift of some sort to my customers is there some sort of way I could prove a customer bought something through my links. Such as if they provide an order number could I look it up? As always thanks for your help.

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    You will find in just about all agreements with the merchants, that the customer belongs to them. I understand there are a few programs, usually run as drop-ship deals, where you have some control of the customer data, but I can't show you one right now.

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    for the most part incentive based promotions are frowned at....stating the obvious is that when a reward is offered, the person stands to be less serious about whatever offer it is and in turn usually wind up as a bunk customer or lead. Thats why most terms of service prohibit this sort of thing.

    Still all that aside, if you have a program that in the least offers "live" reporting, you can compare your actual "sales" to reward requests, if the number of requests to sales line up (or requests are lower than sales), you can use a merit system.

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    Another option would be to run a contest.


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