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    I was recently interviewed for a job over the phone. The prospective / potential employer didn't ask me much about what I did vetting through my CV. The only thing she asked me that seemed to concerned her more than anything else was whether I was an Alternative Geek... What my sexual preference is.

    I was a bit clueless as ever, because I never knew people would actually ask you something like this. So I mentioned my preference

    Have you been asked what your sexual preference before by any potential client / employer? Is this a common practise and is it politically correct?



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    As a US citizen if I was asked such a question by a US employer I would ask if they had a BFOQ (Bona Fide Occupational Qualification) allowing them to hire based on sexual preference.

    I've never had an employer ask me my sexual preference. If I was told that the employer didn't have a BFOQ I would leave immediately and report them to my state's labor board.

    For more information you can research BFOQ + homosexuality.

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    I don't know about other countries, but no way would that be considered politically correct in the USA! PC here = they shouldn't care what your preference is. (There may be an exception if they're a gay/lesbian-run company, and one which is making a big deal out of the fact...but even so, it sounds like they're asking for a sexual harrassment or discrimination lawsuit [which kind of suit, depending on their reaction to your preference].)

    Have you been asked what your sexual preference before by any potential client / employer?
    No, never!
    I don't like j*bs anyway, but if someone had asked me that I'd have gone for the gates without ever taking the position. Someone who cares so much that they'd ask, is wanting more than someone to just do w*rk, I would think...
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    That's awful! When I was hiring potential employees for an online dating company I used to run, I always brought up the fact that the person would be working with content that covered a broad range of human sexuality and if that if they were in anyway uncomfortable with that, then perhaps the job wouldn't be best suited for them. But I would never, ever (the fact that it is against the law (Canadian), same as asking if you're married or having children or are planning on having children) ask then about their sexual preference or orientation.

    That's plain wrong. I would have reported them instantly!
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    So, I Googled that phrase and came up with a site that said"

    "Why geek girls rule!"
    * They are generally available.
    * Other men will tend not to steal them.
    * They can fix things.
    * Your computer will love them.
    * They're smart.

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    [Avoiding the obvious joke material in Adams post]

    I don't think there are any first world contries where that kind of question can be asked leagally.

    [/Avoiding the obvious joke material in Adams post]

    Granted glasses are pretty hot.

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