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    Austin or Nashville?
    As much as I don't want to leave New Orleans, there's no work for professionals at this time. Just burger flippers and construction type jobs. I used to work in IT for one of the Hospitals that flooded. They have no concrete plans and might not open for 9 months or so.

    I have a friend that will probably relocate to Austin and my old boss and another friend are going to Nashville. Our companies corporate office is in Nashville so there will also be other people that I know coming to town from time to time.

    I'm planning to keep my house in New Orleans for the time being. Maybe rent it????

    I'm leaning towards Nashville. The quality of life and cost of living seem comprable.

    I need a place with some personality, some night life, lots of culture, good food.

    My oldest sister moved to Dallas and almost overnight got a great job making twice what she made here. That's what makes it so hard to stay. There aren't any jobs here, the job situation here wasn't all that great before the storm. AND I can get a huge pay increase!

    Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from people that know these two cities and can tell me why they love them.

    Sarah (zoe was my dog)

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    I've never been to Nashville BUT I've been to Austin and loved it. I've visited a good friend of mine many times there. They have a great music scene, nightlife, good food/retauraunts. I grew up in Chicago and there are a lot of Chicago refugees down in Austin.

    My 2 cents...

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    Nashville. The 25th largest city in the US the last time I checked. At one time it had a higher per capita murder rate than L.A. or NYC... but hey, learn to "duck and roll" and keep yer head down - lol!

    I lived in Nashville for nine years and loved it! If I were you, I would move to Brentwood, or Franklin - nearby sub-burb areas of Nashville, and where most of the Country Music stars and producers live.
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    The Swamp
    I've only been in Nashville a few days at a time (no ducking and rolling was required) and only driven through Austin. Just wanted to wish you the best whatever you wind up doing. I haven't decided myself yet what I will do. Good luck to you. And if you do decide to rent you place, you should be able to get a good rate for it right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzigeek
    I've never been to Nashville BUT I've been to Austin and loved it.
    Ditto. If you like to party, Austin will be hard to beat. Also lots of lakes and activities associated with the river.

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    Born and raised in Nashville here. I love it to this day. A very diverse town. Many walks of life come and go most searching out their dreams of stardom. I've lived all over the south and always end up back here. Considered moving to Dallas at one time until I spent three weeks there. That was enough exposure fo r me. As far as Nightlife is concerned there's alot of it.

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    I am in austin area
    Hello! first good luck with whatever decision you make. I live right outside of Austin and have been here for about 12 years. It is a fun town, as mentioned, for the nightlife. When I was in college that was perfect. Being married and having a couple of kids my extra cirricular activities arent the same as they were 10 years ago.

    If you like outdoor activities (bike riding, parks, boating. etc) austin is great. The downsides are...there are no professional sports teams amusement parks...and can get to be 100+ degrees for alot of the summer. Dont get me wrong..It is a great town...just has its own share of negative stuff. As far as the job market goes I am not sure....I have worked for the same small company for years and really not in tune with the market.

    Some larger companies around....Dell, IBM, Samsung, Motorolla (freescale), GSDM (advertising firm) and some other large business.

    If there is any type of info or any questions you have...let me cannot PM me because I do not have enough post but you can email me at surplusdeals at gmail dot com

    Again...good luck!


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    I visited Austin last October for a few days and it was beautiful! I never realized Texas could be so green. I grew up thinking Texas was all desert and tumbleweeds, but never know about the Eastern side. The river and trees look great and there's grass everywhere. I grew up in the Southern California desert, so the green was very refreshing and unique to me. We visited San Antonio which wasn't too far away and that's a lovely city as well. Didn't get a chance to try Sea World, but I'll save that for next time. True there aren't any quality theme parks in Austin, but the outdoor activities almost make up for it. Some very nice caves!

    - Scott
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    I've been to both Austin and Nashville. Both are pretty good cities, especially their suburbs.

    Austin is probably the most liberal city in Texas, which could be a positive or a negative depending on your political bias. The traffic can also be pretty bad (right up there with Dallas and Houston). The weather can be hot, but it's far less humid than New Orleans. They might not have professional sports or amusement parks, but San Antonio is only about an hour away. Texas also has the advantage of no state income tax.

    Nashville is much more laid back, from what I saw. The weather is much more moderate, with four seasons. There's plenty to do and lots of good food.

    Either one could be a good choice, IMHO.
    Michael Coley
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    No state income tax in Tenn (nashville) either!

    SO the state Tax is a push.

    I grew up in Nashville (suburbs) and like the area a lot, although I can't imagine moving back. just me.

    I lived in Dallas and loved it, but I am biased as you can tell by my avatar. I haven't been to Austin, figure its just a smaller version of Dallas.. but I could be wrong.

    I don't think you can go wrong either way but since I grew up in the Nasville area, I feel qualified to add my 2cents.

    Nashville is a really laid back kind of city, not too big but not too small either. My sister lives in Brentwood (suburb) and it is one heck of great place to live but I think you have to drive a beamer (BMW) to get in! Nashville has a nice size airport but not hectic like ATL. They have an NFL team and NHL team for sports enthusiasts. The winters are semi mild, maybe a couple of snow falls a year, no more'n an inch or 2 at the most, an occasional 6 inches falls about once every decade. They do have some ice storms about once every 3 years, YUK. The summers can be hot and humid but not quite like Texas. They got lots of lakes and lots of Shade Trees. Spring and Fall, just like most places, are heaven. Nashville has a real hometown feel. You get in the suburbs and its like being deep in the country, small cities, back roads, lots of TREES and hills (Something you wont get in Texas, TREES).

    The first time I took my wife back home (Tn), (shes from Ohio) the first thing she mentioned was how nice everyone was. She asked me why I waved at folks that I didn't even know while I was driving .. I told her that its 'just what we do here.' She told me she had heard folks say 'Yes Maam and No Sir' more times in one weekend than she had heard in her whole life. No one had EVER called her Maam before, she didn't really like that one..

    Folks in Tenn are passionate about a 2 things.. church and family. The smaller the city, the larger influence these 2 factions have. That doesn't mean you have to go to church to be liked, it just means that you can't start the barb-b-que untill after Sunday service! Nice thing is, Nashville is in Central time zone, church is out at noon and you should make it home before the 1st quarter is over.. (football season).

    I personally think the southeast part of Nashville (brentwood, antioch, smyrna, lavergne, and even Murfreesboro) would be the best areas to live.. I wouldn't live in the westside of Nashville, but that's just me.. Northeast is too crowded for my taste but a nice area non the less.. East would be my 2nd choice.. the Hermitage area..
    But heck, if you got a BOAT LOAD of money, check out Bell Mead..

    Its been a few years since I had to commute in Nashville but traffic wasn't that bad. I know they recently added some HOV lanes on i24 southeast of town so I suspect traffic is picking up. It's really relative to what your used to. I don't think anything could be as bad as Atlanta's traffic..

    I hope you let us know which you choose and how things are going..

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    Thanks everyone, for your input. Not that you've helped me decide between the two! They both sound like really good places to live! Maybe I'll just flip a coin.

    I'm not much of a suburbanite, more of an urban poineer. I'm living in a historic neighborhood that's very close to downtown and the French Quarter. And I love it! It's so easy to grab a friend and run down to Burbon St. Which I did Friday night. My old job was 10 minutes away, it took me longer to get my Starbucks. I HATE to commute.

    The crime wouldn't bother me either. New Orleans isn't exactly safe or I should say wasn't. We were on our way to a record number of homicides with at least one or more murders each night. Since the storm, zero! My neighborhood is/was seeing a surge of people buying old houses and fixing them up. It was very diverse.

    Do y'all like the suburbs because you have families? (I'm 35 and single and no kids) Not that I have anything against them but I don't plan to have kids either. So the amusement parks aren't high on my list. New Orleans has one and I've never been to it. I'm not big into sports either, but then again, the Saints don't inspire much.

    Strangely enough, I think it might be the trees that are the deciding factor. New Orleans has lots and lots of huge oak trees. I would miss them a lot. I'm glad it doesn't snow much in Nashville, I've never driven in snow and haven't lived with snow in a very long time.

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    Downtown Austin
    If you are wanting to live close to the action...checkout downtown Austin. Alot of old building are being renovated and turned into condos, etc. There seems to be something going on everynight ....always bands playing..a festival...something....

    Obvious the cost of living downtown is more expensive, but if that is your "cup of tea" then it is a great place to look into.

    here is a link to check out :

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