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    GoCollect CJ EPC $1.75 +/- to 0.11!
    I don't do much with GoCollect any longer, but in cleaning out old links I discovered a few. GoCollect's EPC at CJ was almost $2.00 at the beginning of October, but is now 11 cents! It dropped dramatically during October, and hasn't recovered.

    Another indication of a tracking problem?


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    I dumped them on CJ a looooong time ago. Something about that crowd that I just don't trust.

    I signed up with their in-house program because I badly needed some fill-in products on existing pages. This, in spite of the fact that their site is as leaky as a sieve. I think they're running about one sale in 1,000+ clicks for me. Stinko, eh?

    In any case, I don't use them for anything I can find elsewhere and I check every link the PSC generates to ensure it doesn't go to a product that won't earn me a commission.

    Not surprising their EPC is in the toilet. I doubt that serious affiliates promote them much anymore. Whether it's a tracking problem I couldn't say.

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