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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been to many Internet marketing forums, but the people at this one seem very nice and encouraging. Here is my first post:

    I am about to post my first affiliate website in the next day or two, but I still have to incorporate my tracking urls within the site. I know to place the tracking urls on my affiliate links and other places I may want to track on the website, but when it comes down to getting conversion rates for affiliate products, do I compare the clicks of a particular tracking affl. url to the # of sales that I am recieving from CJ and Linkshare?

    I completely understand how to get the conversion rates through selling your own product (placing tracking url on your thank you page), but was wondering if this method is how you experienced affiliates get your conversion rates for certain products. Does anyone use tracking urls for their Google Adwords or Yahoo Ads (Overture) as well? I realize that they have their own CTR tables and tracking, but does anyone use tracking urls to double check their data?

    I really do believe that tracking most of my results and making the appropriate changes will help me excel with this site. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys,

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    One more thing, I seemed to of forgot on my last thread.

    Is it even possible to have have an Adwords ad up and know the exact conversion rate for that ad on any affl. website?

    I have tracking URLs on my website to track conversions on certain links to match up with data sales on CJ or Linkshare, but didnt think it would really be possible to track all the way back to a PPC ad.


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