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    Amazon Marketplace??
    Please excuse me if I should be posting this in the {Newbie} forum, but do affiliates earn a percentage on purchases made through the Amazon Marketplace (sales of used books, movies, etc...)

    I don't remember seeing anything about it in the Operating Agreement and I know that Amazon only makes a small percentage on those sales, so I am not sure.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've moved this to the Amazon forum, where it's a bit more relevant.

    They do pay on the Marketplace items. I can confirm this because I see them listed in my earnings reports.

    Their documentation isn't very clear, due to the differences in terminology. Here's how they define it:

    What are the referral-fee rates for third-party items?
    You earn 4% under the Classic plan. You earn from 4% to 7.5%, depending on your shipped items volume, under the Performance plan. Your shipped items volume, shipped items revenue, and all fees are calculated in the same way, regardless of plan. Third-party items are defined as any product sold by a third-party seller on our site, as long as it is not an Auctions or zShops item. Products sold by third parties through sites linked to from our site, e.g.,, are also excluded.
    Here is what they don't pay commissions on: Gift Certificates, zShops and Auctions items, and items sold on sites to which links, such as, do not qualify for referral fees.
    Also, here's a message on their associae support forum that explains it as well:


    One point they make is that you won't get commissions on the $0.01 Marketplace items, but they do count as shipped items towards their tiers if you're in the Tiered Commission option.

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    Thanks so much for the reply...

    I got really confused when I saw this in the Amazon forum because I was going back and forth between the two, trying to decide where I should post it and then I couldn't remember which I had decided on. (Apparently I had figured wrong.)

    Thanks for the quick response. This forum has so much information and the people on it are great!! Its invaluable for us newbies trying to figure this all out.

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