Hi All!

I am pleased to announce that Brushstrokes Fine Art is low live on GoldenCAN for both Commission Junction and Share A Sale.... both Free of 4th Click.

Any affiliate who signs up with GoldenCAN can quickly and easily add the Brushstrokes Fine Art Store or Search Integration or to their existing website with just one line of code... at no cost.

These programs enable you to display the entire Brushstrokes Fine Art catalog on your website within minutes.

To view our Store & Search Integration Samples, click below:

For Commission Junction, click here: http://www.goldencan.com/merchants/display_86.aspx

For Share A Sale, click here:

If you have already created a store or search integration for multiple merchants, donít forget to add Brushstrokes Fine Art in your existing Integration.

Thanks to Asif for all of his help setting this up!!!!