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    CJ link usage question
    I opened my own forum and want to place some relevant ads from the CJ netowrk on it. However, I first want to clear up the CJ TOS below:

    (d) Prohibited Uses of Links.

    (i) Locations. You may not place Links to an Advertiser's Web site or Web site content in third party newsgroups, message boards, blogs, unsolicited email and other types of spam, link farms, counters, chatrooms, or guestbooks.
    Question - does this preclude me from a) posting ads in my signature in my own postings on my own board, b) posting ads on pages where threads are located (i.e. say after every 4 posts), and/or c) posting ads on my forum in some other location (i.e. a sidebar on a main page)?

    The TOS only specify a prohibition on "third party...message boards", so it would seem that I can in fact do all three (a, b, and c). Can anyone confirm this?

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    As long as it is your board it is ok, but you can't post your link on my board (see, I'd be a third party board then).
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