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    Dreamhost vs Site5
    Im looking for hosting to put up at least 10 sites, with more coming in the future. I have ruled it down to these two (unless anyone has a better suggestion). Site5 has a better name to em, at a higher pricepoint. 17 a month. On the other hand, dreamhost has the best price in the business, but when it is runnin 10 bucks, you have to wonder if its too good to be true? Any thoughts

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    I've used Site5 many times and have been very happy with them. I am not familiar with Dreamhost. Site5 has their "superhost" deal for $117 if you buy the year right now, and that's cheaper then $10 per month.

    I don't know enough about them to completely "vouch" for them, but I have been very happy so far.

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    price/month/domain? price/month/unlimited_domains? price/month/5_domains?
    bandwidth allocation? storage? # of users/server? % of resources allowed/user? uptime?
    Please better define the apples to be compared to the beer bottles
    Hosting is fickle to say the least ... more info required ( I run dedicateds, know little of virtuals).

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    You may want to take advantage of midPhase's offer for affiliates on this forum... Just
    create an affiliate account at and refer yourself -- you will
    get a commission and free (or close to free) hosting for a year ;-]


    Our Pro-PHASE package is $11.95/mo and supports unlimited domain names. If you do the
    math, $143.40 for one year of Pro-PHASE - $95 commission you are only paying $4 or so
    per month for the entire first year...

    We're a good host, drop me a line if you have questions ;-] We also sponsor this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anks106
    On the other hand, dreamhost has the best price in the business, but when it is runnin 10 bucks, you have to wonder if its too good to be true? Any thoughts
    I use Dreamhost for several client websites. They have both been very friendly and very prompt with their service to date (2 years+). None of the sites are high traffic based or ecommerce.
    My main complaint is their CP. The interface is very arcane and you have to go through several steps to complete what you usually can complete in one step on other CPs (adding new account users with email for instance).
    With that said, their average response time to a query seems to be 24hrs. Downtime has been very low. They supposedly will have live chat help someday, but I have never seen it actually "open for operation".


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    I LOVE Dreamhost. Been with them since '99. Our longest downtimes (2-3 x a year) have been 20 minutes - with one exception when the power went out recently in CA.

    Their customer service is out of this world, they're always very prompt to help and while the chat isn't available yet, customers submitting issues can request a call back (you get to pick the time). I had to use it once and they called me in person - no extra charge.

    They also have an emergency status area (which was useful w/the power outage) and a great blog.

    I'll be a customer for life.
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    im gonna go with dreamhost. Sorry, but i do not trust hosts who claim unmetered bandwith. As for pricing, dreamhost has ya beat too. With the 7th anniversary deal, its under 1 dollar a month, and with the good reviews here any other sites i asked, I have all i need to make the decision.

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