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    January 18th, 2005
    referrals from weatherbug
    I went through my traffic logs and saw this

    Is that good or bad?

    Is it a good tool or a parasite?

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    That's someone who has the MyWay toolbar installed that came bundled with Weatherbug.

    I've never seen the MyWay toolbar do anything related to affiliate links myself.

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    I see those too. There's a thread in the CJ forum about this little beastie. Took me forever to get it off my my Dad's computer.
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    one version of the AOL/CS AIM software offered (forced) weatherbug; I never let that version or any newer into my computer. one of our local TV stations has offered it also.

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    Weatherbug is a CJ merchant now. So CJ took a look at them and declared them clean and fine and dandy. And there's got to be plenty of ignorant affiliates who actually promote the weatherbug garbage.

    Here's an anti-spyware company's report where they looked at, among several related things, what weatherbug brings bundled to your machine (report dated Sept 12, 2005) including the MyWay crapbar:

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    What's next in the Adwhore infestation games? Looks like DELL, and other Pc manufacturers, want to become a pre-packaged crapware vendors. Rational being all just out of the box systems will be infested within 2 minutes of making their first broadband connection...anyway! Do Dell employees and their Adwhore partners really have to Tattoo, or use a branding iron, on their infant's foreheads the logo to get a check?

    Moral of these studies is there are no ethics, morals and no limits on the means to drain the stupid advertisers budgets. The PPCSE plot thickens as affiliate marketing plunges into the raw sewage coming out of both ends of the advertising industry. Merchants... do you really know were your money is going? Oh! I forgot you either outsource (wink-wink) traffic/marketing campaigns to the smoke and mirrors experts, or employ those who are blind to what is really going on. Basically all BHO toolbar operators are CPC cheats from the good old days.
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    warning: slight thread deviation ahead....

    I wonder if is taken. CRAPBAR: A Site Dedicated TO S****y Toolbar Downloads. Maybe it could be a faux toolbar, something that gives you a running total of successfully bundled parasites downloaded to your system, along with other such tidbits, such as, % slower your PC runs with the CRAPBAR toolbar installed, etc...... CRAPBAR.COM: "Sporting some of the highest platform instability percentages in the industry", "Let us hold your wallet for you", "We do not provide your personal information to anyone other than our approved third party partners"..... ehhhh, where's Dynamoo when you need him......

    you may resume thread discussion, now................
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    There needs to be a UL or Good Housekeeping type site for people wanting freeware so they can go quickly to see if it's a clean download. Weatherbug was promoted by a local tire company on TV and looked so warm and fuzzy. When I was cleaning computers it had to go.

    Kim Kommando had a blurb in her newsletter today on getting rig of it.

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