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    GoldenCAN Control Panel New Features
    Some new features have been added into GoldenCAN Control panel.

    After you login to your account at GoldenCAN you will see 8 new data tables.

    1. My Latest Stores
    2. My Top Performing Stores
    3. New FREE Merchants for Store Integration
    4. New 4th Click Merchants for Store Integration
    5. New FREE Merchants for Coupon Integration
    6. New 4th Click Merchants for Coupon Integration
    7. New FREE Merchants for Search Integration
    8. New 4th Click Merchants for Search Integration

    New Merchants list will show the merchants for which you have not yet created the store, coupon or search integration in the order of latest merchant on the top.

    After you create store, coupon or search integration for a merchant, the merchant's name will disappear from the related list of new merchants.

    This feature will keep you updated with latest merchants and also those for which you have not yet created the integration.

    If you click on a merchant’s name you will be able to see the detail about that merchant. For example

    The website URL
    Signup URL
    Pricing Model (Free or 4th click)
    Program description
    Contact information (if available)
    …. and of course many more things.

    Merchant’s detail page also displays all stores that you have created for that merchant. You will also find links on this page to create different stores for that merchant.

    We hope these features will help you manage your stores easy on GoldenCAN.

    Any feedback on these features will be appreciated.
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    I was wondering if the list of "my stores" can be seperated from A to Z. With the adding of new stores it's starting to get rather long in the scrolling.

    And speaking of scrolling . . . I haven't seen the other thread where I first askedf this question, but . . . is it possible, when a script is on a lower part of a page, to have the page reload at that location on the page when a person is searching within that page?

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