I am still a little green too when it comes to tracking techniques. I just read a response from Donuts in another thread where he suggests that you always.. use ...quote "tracking sources appended to your urls so you can identify their source when they show up in weird places." I have had this problem and would like to know how to append a direct link PPC ad so its source can be tracked. In fact, as we speak, I am trying to investigate some excessive clicks on a particular keyword from 2 different ppc search engines. It would be nice if I could track these clicks, but they are direct links to the merchants site. I have asked CJ for the sources of these clicks or just to provide me all sources for a particular day. Guess what? You got it!! The big nothing!! But they have not forgot me!! Yeah right!! They even sent me an email asking me if I got the problem resolved!! Oh well.. such is CJ..

Thanks in advance!!

Any suggestions appreciated.