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    Angry Hanover Direct has more reporting problems than the SEC
    I have been getting emails all evening that Hanover is pulling down all their Linkshare programs.. BEGINNING AT MIDNIGHT --- LAST F****ING NIGHT!!!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is fraud?

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    Hanover Direct sucks
    I will never, ever do business with Hanover Direct again.

    I received a mailing from a company called Home Works Plus which read:
    Welcome to another year of great savings on home needs -- all under one roof with Homeworks Plus. <snip> If you take no action, your credit card or other account will be charged $169.95 to automatically renew your membership.
    I phoned the company in a panic. I have no recollection of having signed up for anything with this company and I was furious that they would charge my credit card for a service I hadn't requested.

    According to their records I was signed up for this service when I made a purchase through Hanover Direct. I recall doing nothing of the kind.

    The CSR I spoke with at Homeworks Plus assured me that my account with them was cancelled and I wouldn't be charged for the service. However I am freaking furious with Hanover Direct. Perhaps when I made my purchase from Hanover Direct there was some little box I needed to notice and uncheck to opt out of Homeworks Plus but I never saw any reference to the service. I feel that I was tricked into "joining" this program.

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    I am stunned/shocked and P'od about how this transition was handled. Saw they were at CJ when I logged in Sat. morning, applied.

    Then saw the emails that their LS links were inactive and if we didn't apply another route altogether we'd be rejected.

    Merchants considering a move during the holidays please take note:

    Don't send an email out on Friday night that links are going to be down at midnight, during a very busy holiday season when we're all getting 100's of emails at a time.

    Don't put links up in the new network and tell us to go apply somewhere else ..."or else".

    Do give people who you've had a relationship with for several years a little more heads-up.

    Otherwise your links are gone for the holidays.

    Off to find replacements.
    Liz Welsh Tompkins
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    LOL, I was looking around one of their sites to see what a small markup they must have to offer 2% commish. One pair of white briefs going for $29.99???
    Oh has a padded butt.

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    "Due to the nature of this incredible promotion, we apologize that no other promotions or discounts will be accepted on these items."


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