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    Angry Datafeed with No URL's in it???
    I am new to this and am currently trying to wrap my head around Dick's tutorioal on setting up the data feed on my domain. The more I read and learn the more it appears as tho the datafeed file is supposed to have url's to products and pics ect in it. I recently recieved a datafeed with no url' s in it. My data feed has these column headings.

    Category/Product Name
    CJ Description

    Perhaps I will understand the reason for no url's as I get away from being a noob but it seems like the AM forgot to send me some stuff in the data feed.
    What good is it once I do get it setup when I ultimately cant send the consumer to the buy page that I have no url for?

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    A datafeed like that is pretty much worthless. I would definately email back and ask if that is all the information they plan on giving to you. If that's it, you will have to make links for every product, which I would not recommend. You'll likely make a mistake hand typing hundreds of them. If it were me and that's all I got, they'd be history. (I sure hope you didn't pay for that.)

    If you belong to ShareASale, download a datafeed from there.
    Then, just play with around ten or twenty items until you get things worked out.
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    Thanks, I was beginning to think I was suffering from noobism here and not understanding this process. After speaking with the AM I think she is possibly newer at this than me or was just being cruel.

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    It may be that the URL doesn't change that much from item to item, or for the images. I seem to remember one or two feeds like that. For example, one merchant uses the same URL for images ( The same sort of thing goes for the URL for visitors to click on, it might be: ( In both cases, you add either the image file name ("23887.jpg"), of the item number or item and file extension ("34re45.htm").

    That should be in every template (for WebMerge) or in your script if that's the way you're building pages.

    Just a possible solution. In any event the previous advice stands - check with the AM at the merchant. They may also have a web-page somewhere that gives details about their datafeeds. Again, these are just hints and suggestions. Use at your own risk


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    If they provide a search box for affiliates you could workaround this by putting a search box on each page with the product name for the value. I don't even think this counts as an affiliate link to the engines.

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