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    Best fields for datafeed
    I just bought my copy of WM and am configuring my datafeed, but I'm new to the game and would like some advice. I'm working with an in-house datafeed which is based on an inventory which lacks appropriate field categories.

    I'm wondering what people think are the best field categories for my datafeed. It's a book/gift store, so I'll be using fields including item, description, price, image, size, topic, maybe author.

    Are there any additional helpful fields that people have found are good to be added to their datafeeds? Should I categorize each item under many different topics so they can be cross-referenced? Is there something I'm missing?

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    I'd set it up to be cataloged by topic and also by author. I am not in the book business, but those seem to be the logical choices in setting up a boot store. Maybe a section of all paperbacks as well as a section of all hard-bound books. Maybe a fiction, non-fiction, reference etc. designation as well?
    Go to Amazon and see how they are set up. Find a public library online and see how they are set up.
    Good luck. You'll love Webmerge.

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    Based on looking at a datafeed from another company, I think that the more category fields, the better. That way I can subcategorize easier so people don't have to sift through hundreds of items not really relevant to their wants.

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