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    I've a site I don't do a lot with. Just over two years ago I changed hosts and thought I'd made all the changes necessary. Today I tried to upload changes - nothing, I tried to look at my stats - nothing. Emailed support after rotating logs to no avail. Turns out I forgot to deal with the email and I have 280Mb of email sitting there from the last about 28 months!

    Sometimes I think my entire life is becoming one long senior-moment.

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    Something similar happened to me this weekend. I got an email from my server that one of my accounts was almost out of space. Since I had never started work on that site, I knew that was impossible. I was about to panic thinking I'd been hacked or something. I checked, no new files on the server. Then I happened to check the email account. The mailbox was full o' spam. Apparently some joker was signing up for stuff online and was giving an email address that doesn't exist on my domain. There were thousands of spam messages sitting in the catchall. So, the email address he was using now forwards to fail. I hate spam.

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