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    How long it take linkshare to pay?
    How long it take linkshare to pay.
    with linkshare for few monthes,but never get pay.
    I don't know if I should keep promote linkshare's merchant or not?
    How can I promote Linkshare's mrechant if it doesn't pay.

    I really worry about that.
    Now,I really don't promote much for linkshare's merchant.
    One merchant invited me, give me datafeed,ask me to join Merchandiser Program and it's free, And I know how to promote that merchant.They convert pretty good for me when with CJ.

    But I really don't know if I should put more money promote them or not.

    That merchant give me bad impression,I still have small money on CJ don't get pay.although it's just few dollars.
    If they are not going to pay me,what can I do with linkshare?

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    LinkShare pays twice a month, with a consolidated check covering all merchant payments received and cleared through the cutoff date. Most merchants pay around 30 days after the end of the month. Some pay quicker. Some pay considerably slower. LinkShare's cutoffs are around the 8th and 22nd of each month, and the checks go out about 3-5 business days after the cutoff.

    Best case (with merchants like Overstock), you'll either get paid around the 26th of the month or the 12th of the following month. For instance, you could get payment for October as soon as 11/26 or 12/12. That's the fastest.

    Worst case (with merchants like Dell), you'll get paid after about 3 months. For instance, you could get payment for October sometime around 1/12, 1/26, or 2/12.

    For most merchants, you'll get payment after about a month and a half. For intance, you could get payment for October sometime around 12/12 or 12/26.
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