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    whats a good way to change your keywords?
    Background: I have a site with over 1000 photos that are being used on forums, and other sites that lets you post html code.

    Problem: Google AdSense picks up keywords like funny movies and funny photos and uses them for AdSense. I was told that I can change my links by adding (example: &ringtones, &wallpapers..etc) and that will make Adsense pull ads for those tried that..edited my php code it worked for an hour then it went back to pulling the original keywords again.
    Does anyone know why? is google too smart and its picking it up? is there another way to have different categories in your adsense not what google picks up after scanning your site?


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    not what google picks up after scanning your site?
    Nope, it's called contextual advertising because it shows ads based on the context of your site.

    ringtones, &wallpapers..etc) and that will make Adsense pull ads for those categories
    If you do other sites on those, then those sites will have ads in that context.

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