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    Sunbelt sued by RetroCoder spyware

    "RetroCoder is threatening legal action against Sunbelt Software, representatives of both companies said Wednesday. The British company wants Sunbelt, maker of CounterSpy, to stop flagging its SpyMon software as spyware. RetroCoder charges that Sunbelt has violated the terms of the copyright agreement contained in its software, which specifically excludes anti-spyware research."

    "Before downloading the application, RetroCoder asks customers to agree to a statement that forbids its use by a researcher for an antivirus or anti-spyware company, or business related to these. The SpyMon download agreement continues with a legal condition: "If you do produce a program that will affect this software's ability to perform its function, then you may have to prove in criminal court that you have not infringed this warning."

    Completely outrageous. On second thought, its plain and simple funny. Moderators might want to move this to the Daily Chuckle section because thats where it belongs.. Its almost a joke.

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    Great story!!!
    So spyware thinks they can get away with this.

    Sunbelt is unfazed by RetroCoder's action. "Their claims are patently ridiculous," said Sunbelt President Alex Eckelberry. "We're in the business of researching software. We're not intimidated by this kind of thing, and I don't think anybody else should be."

    At least SunBelt has the balls to try to protect people from all of this garbage!!!

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    This is almost too funny. First, we have an app called SpyMon stating they are not spyware. Then, they make the user agree not to investigate it as spyware. Now they want to sue SunBelt for saying they're spyware. Too bad they don't have video and we could call this dumbest criminal videos. LOL you can't make this stuff up. Let me see a company photo of these clowns and we're sure to see illuminated noses, big floppy shoes and squirting lapel pins.

    We're spyware, call our product SpyM*n but don't you dare look at us thinking we're spyware. Can't wait to see how this develops.
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    I hope Sunbelt ***** slaps these Adwhores back into their sewer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Rice
    We're spyware, call our product SpyM*n but don't you dare look at us thinking we're spyware.
    They should add this to their agreement:

    You will never call our software a piece Of shit in public or in private.

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