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    Can't edit link details
    Hello, all!

    I'm just a lurker who's an assistant to our program's Affiliate Program Manager, so I NEVER post.

    However, I was trying to edit some links in the "Manage Links" interface, but when all is said and done, a warning in red text appears when I try to save the changes.

    After I hit "Save," I get "Please verify that the destination url is correctly formatted" at the top of the "Edit Text Link" page, but I'm making the links the exact same way I made them not even 10 days ago... Does anyone have an idea of what's going on?

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    I'm guessing it's one of two things...a double check generated by the system to make sure you know how important these URLS are (if they are wrong...affiliates will be sending traffic to the wrong place)

    Or the URL HAS BEEN entered incorrectly and the system is prompting you to fix it. Copy the URL you entered...the whole thing and paste it into a browser, click go and if what you see is where you wanted the affiliates to go you should be good.

    If you get an have to fix it fast as you may have affiliates wasting time and money already.

    Best suggestion Call CJ and get it straight from the source, CS should be more than happy to help make sure that you understand what is going on ;-)

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    I suggest you contact client services either by phone or via AAQ. They can look at your specifc issue and provide an answer.
    Todd Crawford
    Co-Founder, Impact Radius

    Give me a minute before I post again

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    Thanks for the prompt replies - I'm in the process of contacting our tech support right now. I know that the links were working as of last week, because we had a few sales from our text links. I'm hoping I can get this fixed ASAP, because I know I'm already upset that I can't get them to work - I can just imagine how upset our affiliates are going to be if I don't get it resolved soon.

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    Had a similar thing happen to me today while I was editing my text links to allow for URL re-direction. This only happened with 1 of the 20 I altered so I haven't really worried about it, but I double and triple checked my information and was not able to get it to edit. I would also suggest calling client services, they were able to direct me to tech support where they fully explained all my questions about my various links that I had in the past.


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    Well, I called tech support, and I was told that there's some sort of problem with CJ accepting links with dashes in them. Their engineers will hopefully work on it as a priority, but in the meantime I'm supposed to make new links without dashes in the url. I would like to do that, but our links are generated by our inventory management program, so all of our products (all 2000+ of them) have dashes in the url.

    This issue hasn't affected the links that were set up before this technical issue popped up, so at least sales are tracking, and our affiliates are getting credit for their commissions. I just can't make any new links for them until this gets resolved, which sucks.

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