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    Amazon Gets Patents on Consumer Reviews
    Wow, how is this going to impact affiliates and merchants? I know that Backcounty had reviews, I even have them at KiteandWind.

    Why would a review be patentable?

    What happens to an affiliate that writes their own copy as a product review?

    Do we have to call it something else like Owner Comments?

    How will this effect the super affiliates like Bizrate/Shopzilla, etc...?
    Damned lawyers!
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    That is some crazy stuff. Also this:

    "At the same time, is being sued by another e-commerce pioneer, Cendant Publishing. Cendant holds a patent on using a customer's purchasing history to recommend other items that might be of interest. "

    Disagree with that too.

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    Wondering if we have come to a point where it has become impossible to innovate with software without infringing on someone's patent?


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